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5 Great Medical Podcasts for Healthcare Professionals, Part 1

Whether you’re a first-responding life-saver, an on-the-spot OR surgeon, or an innovator within the medical field, there’s a podcast for you. Not only are these podcasts informative, they also offer support and inspiration. With a recent study revealing that 40% of surgeons are suffering from physician burnout, these thought-provoking or fun podcasts may be just the escape you’ve been looking for.

5 Medical Podcasts for Healthcare Professionals

Docs Outside the Box

Host Dr. Nii Darko always wanted to have an impact on people’s lives and became a trauma surgeon to do just that. But over time, he found he wasn’t satisfied; understanding that there were doctors who were performing humanitarian work in war-torn countries and running their own businesses, he realized, in his own words, that he was “in a box.” He wanted to be passionate about his career as a surgeon, but also wanted to make a difference by doing more. Today, his podcast brings to you the voices of ordinary doctors doing extraordinary things, with the goal of inspiring others within the field to break free and do the same. Dr. Darko’s podcast includes many shows hosted by himself, along with guest-supplied shows, such as The Scrub Club, produced by medical students, and The Hippocratic Hustle, where women physicians come together.

The Happy Doc

Describing itself as the “best place for physician and medical student fulfillment,” this podcast aims to provide inspiring stories and bright ideas to enhance creativity, joy, and success in the healthcare field. The podcast interviews happy doctors and learns how they succeed in such a demanding field in order to inspire others and up-and-comers. Each show is designed to be a source of inspiration and knowledge, and to be easy listening while commuting, exercising, or taking a break. The podcast covers everything from helping physicians better understand their finances to understanding the importance of goofing off outside of work from time-to-time. On The Happy Doc, you’ll even find a show about how Game of Thrones is a lot like medicine.

The #HCBiz Show

Host Don Lee, an accomplished Health IT expert and President of Glide Health IT, LLC, and host Shahid Shah, a C-suite native with years of leadership experience grooming high-performance medical teams, want to have a word with you. Their podcast is dedicated to “unraveling the business of healthcare,” and aims to help industry innovators understand the challenges of gaining traction within the medical field while also highlighting successes. Want to remain on the cutting edge? The show often features industry innovators launching a product, improving a workflow, or promoting a best practice. The podcast prides itself on helping bring new products and ideas to their audience.

Medtech Talk

Described as candid conversations with innovators and business leaders, this healthcare podcast hosted by Healthegy and is an interview-based show featuring discussions with people who are poised to change how healthcare is delivered. Host Tom Salemi, a former Bureau Chief of Venture Capital at Elsevier Business Intelligence, believes that too often the medical technology sector is defined by the number of dollars raised, IPOs helped, or companies sold. In his opinion, this focus neglects the very foundation of the sector—the people. The Medtech podcast allows the entrepreneurs, investors, and executives who spend their days developing tools that make sick people better and health care more efficient to have their say.

Straight Talk MD

With a tagline straight out of the television show The X-Files—”the truth is out there”—Dr. Frank Sweeny explores hot topics in the medical industry that affect everyone. The podcast, and Dr. Sweeny himself, offers information from an oftentimes unconventional point of view, approaching topics with a skeptical mind and presenting all available information on any topic to allow listeners to form their own viewpoints or make their own decisions. Dr. Sweeny’s guests are often industry experts looking to shake up the status quo in order to be the instruments of positive change. Recent eye-opening topics include “The Death of Expertise” and “Bogus Treatments.” This is no-bull, straight talk for docs.

More of a reader? Most of these podcasts also feature blogs, so be sure to sign up. You can also follow our own blog here. We’re on top of industry innovations and will continue to share resources that can inspire and improve medicine. Look for Part 2 coming soon!

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