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BandGrip Featured on Chicago's Sports Medicine Weekly

BandGrip founder and CEO Fred Smith is a busy man. While he’s been building successful companies for years, since 2015 his work has focused on revolutionizing wound closure technology to improve surgical outcomes and save lives in trauma situations. Those efforts have culminated with the development of BandGrip Micro-Anchor Skin Closures, a groundbreaking device that will eventually become the standard of care for medical providers and emergency responders around the world.

 “The idea of piercing the skin or making additional lacerations around incisions is barbaric. A scar lasts a lifetime, and we believed there was a better way to approach closing surgical wounds. We have come forward with an outstanding innovation to eliminate complexities in wound closure with BandGrip Micro-Anchor Skin Closures,” says Fred Smith, CEO of BandGrip.

Fred recently took the time to speak with Chicago Bulls radio host Steve Kasul and Dr. Nikhil Verma of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush on the popular Sports Medicine Weekly show. After laying out the history of surgical closure techniques and the challenges they present, Fred explains how BandGrip developed its patented Micro-Anchor technology to solve them. He also provides some insight into what role he sees the technology playing in the future of medical care beyond orthopedic surgery. 

It’s an informative interview that you don’t want to miss! Check out a recording of the show here:

Innovations in Wound Closure

About Sports Medicine Weekly

Regularly hosted by Chicago Bulls team physician Dr. Brian Cole and team radio host Steve Kashul, Sports Medicine Weekly is one of the most authoritative and informative resources for the latest innovations and trends in sports medicine. Featured on 670 The Score Chicago Sports Radio and syndicated across the internet in blog and podcast form, the show features a variety of nationally recognized guests. All net proceeds from the show are donated to Chicago Rush University Medical Center to promote orthopedic and cell biology research.

About Fred Smith

Fred burst onto the scene as the founder and CEO of LEAP, raising $40 million as part of the digital ad agency’s IPO. LEAP’s clients included major global brands such as Wal-Mart, Nike, and Budweiser. Fred later went on to found IdeaCast, raising $30 million for a national cable provider that licensed ESPN, CNN, and CNBC to health clubs. Since 2015, he has served as the CEO for BandGrip.

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