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How Does BandGrip’s Micro-Anchor Technology Hold Wound Edges Closed?

The human body has amazing healing capabilities. Even after significant trauma, the immune system springs into action within minutes to staunch bleeding and protect wounds from infection. Once wounds are stabilized, the healing process intensifies, repairing and replacing damaged tissue to restore the body to a functional state. Despite all the advancements in medical technology and wound care, healing still fundamentally relies upon the human body’s remarkable ability to repair itself. The challenge for medical professionals, then, is finding the most effective ways of supporting that healing process.

Surgical Wounds and Sutures

Any invasive surgical procedure leaves behind incision wounds that must be closed before healing can begin. By achieving a secure closure, surgeons can help to speed up the body’s natural healing process. If the wound edges can be pinched together and held securely, the typical incision usually heals in about seven days. The challenge, of course, is keeping those edges firmly in place long enough for healing to run its course.

Sutures have traditionally been the primary solution for surgical closures, but they have a number of drawbacks when it comes to creating an ideal healing environment. Since sutures don’t distribute pressure evenly along the length of the wound, they can sometimes force the body to deal with the threat of infection where the edges aren’t held together as tightly as possible. The invasive nature of sutures also introduces the risk ongoing of inflammation, which can divert the body’s valuable energy away from repairing damaged tissue. Some suture materials begin to lose their tensile strength after a few days as well, which can put additional strain on a wound trying to heal itself.

The Micro-Anchor Solution

BandGrip Micro-Anchor Skin Closures offer a revolutionary wound closure alternative for medical professionals looking for a better way to facilitate speedy and thorough healing. Utilizing patented micro-anchor hooks that grip the skin and hold it tightly, BandGrip can be used to pinch wound edges together and keep them securely in place long enough for natural healing to run its course. Available in a convenient 3.5”x1.5” size, BandGrip resembles familiar adhesive bandages with the notable exception of the curved micro-anchors protruding from the transparent, latex-free underside.

To use the device, these micro-anchor hooks are simply pushed down against the skin on one side of the wound until they take hold. While they grip the skin tightly, they don’t penetrate deeply enough to reach the nerve endings, which makes them practically painless to apply.

Once the first set of micro-anchors are in place, the BandGrip device is pulled over the wound to evert the skin and the second set of micro-anchors are pushed down on the opposite side. This keeps the pinched edges securely in place, allowing the body to begin the healing process under optimal conditions.

Better Healing Results

In most post-surgery cases, scarring is a major cause for concern, especially if incisions were not closed effectively. While unsightly scarring may not reflect the quality of the surgeon’s work, it may affect the patients opinion of the surgeon’s skill. For orthopedic surgeons who rely on their reputation and referrals for patients, relying on closure modalities that are prone to leave behind ugly scars (such as sutures and staples) can have a negative impact on their practice.

Since BandGrip Micro-Anchor Skin Closures hold wounds in place without any invasive materials, they facilitate a much cleaner and more even healing process that results in minimal scarring. The non-invasive nature of the device also makes it less likely to cause inflammation or infection, both of which can disrupt the healing process and lead to additional scarring. For medical professionals looking for the best cosmetic outcomes following surgery, BandGrip offers a clear step forward from traditional closure techniques.

Easy to apply, care for, and remove, BandGrip Micro-Anchor Skin Closures avoid many of the problems associated with conventional closure materials and help the body to heal effectively. With its familiar look and feel, BandGrip provides a sense of normalcy and comfort to patients while offering an effective and economical solution for medical professionals looking to achieve better healing results. For a closer look at this revolution in wound closure, contact us today to request a free sample.

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