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Advanced Wound ClosureFrequently Asked Questions

Learn more about BandGrip’s revolutionary alternative to wound closure.

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BandGripFrequently Asked Questions

How does BandGrip hold wounds closed?

BandGrip’s patented, non-invasive Micro-Anchor technology allows the device to gently and securely grip the skin to close the wound edges.

How quickly can BandGrip be applied?

BandGrip was specifically designed to make closures faster and easier. Closure of a small incision was timed at <30 seconds* compared to sutures.

*Data on file

Why is BandGrip safer than traditional closure modalities?

Easy to apply, BandGrip eliminates the risk of needle sticks associated with sutures and allows wounds to heal with minimal scarring.

What is the BandGrip device made from?

BandGrip is made with transparent and latex-free rubber.

Once applied, how long before BandGrip should be removed?

While BandGrip is designed for continuous use for up to 15 days, patients should be sure to follow a medical professional’s recommendations for removal time.

Is BandGrip water resistant?

Yes. Patients can take a shower 24 hours after BandGrip is applied.

Can patients remove BandGrip themselves?

Yes. Patients do not need to schedule a return visit for removal.

How big is the BandGrip device? Can more than one be applied at a time?

Designed for convenience in an easy to handle 3.5” x 1.5” size, BandGrip can be tiled or applied along the length of the wound approximately 3mm apart.