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See the DifferenceBandGrip Revolutionary Micro-Anchor technology

BandGrip holds surgical incisions and laceration edges closed without needles or staples, reducing negative cosmetic outcomes. But we know a picture is worth a thousand words. Below, see for yourself the results of orthopedic surgery using staples versus BandGrip wound closure solutions.


Surgical staples do not allow for precise wound alignment, leading to the arched stapling positioning shown in this photo (this is also why they should never be used on the face or neck). In most patients, stapling also makes their scar more pronounced and darker in color, especially if the staples are left in for any length of time.


Knee Replacement Surgery Using BandGrip

Following removal of BandGrip and at 5.5 weeks post surgery.

BandGrip 3.5”x1.5” bandages offer a minimally invasive method of wound closure (it can also be tiled or applied along the length of the wound for large incisions, as demonstrated in these knee replacement surgeries). BandGrip’s ease of use allows for more precision, enabling surgeons to better align laceration edges for a cleaner look.

Following surgery, the familiar feel a bandage versus sometimes uncomfortable staples provides a sense of normalcy and confidence for patients, and upon healing their scarring is less pronounced. With BandGrip, patients are more satisfied with the results of their procedure and more pleased with their surgeon.

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