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Bandgrip Sticks With Surgeons As They Practice Telemedicine

CHICAGO, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- BandGrip, the innovative micro-anchor skin closure, is improving the patient experience in the midst of a pandemic. This new technology is replacing sutures and staples in the operating room and then empowering patients to recover from the comfort of their home amid COVID-19. Patients no longer need to return to their doctor's office to get traditional wound closures taken out.  BandGrip supports patients safely removing the bandage themselves and then using video conferencing with their physicians to exam their surgical incision.  

"BandGrip has enabled me to watch my patients heal from a distance," says Sherwin S.W. Ho, MD, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, and director of the Sports Medicine Fellowship Program at University of Chicago Medicine. "I can view the incision through the clear bandage to make sure no infection is developing. I also can see the incision during our telehealth visit after the bandage is removed at home."

BandGrip is a 3.5"x1.5" bandage that offers a minimally invasive method of skin closure without the use of needles or staples. The stretchy, transparent, and water-resistant medical device permits patients to shower with the wound dressing as they recover and to alert their surgeon to any concern of an infection. The surgeon can clearly see the incision through the BandGrip dressing via a telehealth correspondence. When the wound is properly healed within the typical 10- to 14-days, patients are empowered to remove the bandage from the comfort of their home, avoiding a trip to the doctor's office and preventing potential exposure to the coronavirus.

More surgeons are taking notice of BandGrip as evidence grows in favor of telehealth as the healthcare system handles COVID-19 cases. Additionally, one nationwide survey states more than 40% of Americans have managed their healthcare through remote technologies during the pandemic, and most feel comfortable enough to do so post-pandemic. The survey also notes patients not only liked the convenience of telehealth but also the personalized and quality care it still provides.

"Telehealth has evolved to become a standard part of my practice," adds Dr. Ho, who has been applying BandGrip on his surgical patients since early 2020 and has since become an investor in the company. "Virtual post-operative visits and wound management are now a permanent component of the patient experience with BandGrip playing an indispensable role. It's the next generation of wound closure." 

BandGrip already has established itself with hospitals and health systems as an operating room time-saver that results in an improved patient experience with the minimal scarring it leaves behind. "Now, BandGrip is responding to the challenges of mitigating risk amid the coronavirus crisis," says Fred Smith, Founder and CEO of BandGrip. "As we need to keep our physical distance, physicians are establishing a new standard of care.  Patients now can intuitively remove BandGrip themselves from home and then check-in with their surgeon remotely. It's easy, safe and convenient. It's the telemedicine suture™."

As more physicians put telemedicine into practice during COVID-19, BandGrip sees its skin closure innovation as a meaningful solution in surgical care. For more information on BandGrip's skin closure technology, visit www.bandgrip.com.

About BandGrip, Inc.
Based in Chicago, BandGrip was founded in 2015 with the goal of developing a faster, easier, and minimally invasive way to safely close wounds. The emerging medical device company canvassed surgeons to identify ways to reduce closure time, improve ambulation, and minimize scarring. As a result, the company's team of medical professionals developed the patented technology behind the BandGrip Micro-Anchor Skin Closures. Today, BandGrip is advancing the wound-closure market by delivering medical innovations that allow hospitals and doctors to reduce procedure time and improve the patient experience, while envisioning a future where its products can help improve the lives of people around the world. BandGrip was named one of the Top 10 Orthopedic Solution Providers of 2019 by MedTech Outlook, an industry magazine committed to covering the trends, challenges, and solutions that impact the healthcare and medical device sectors.