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Stop the BleedingChange the World by Changing Wound Care

New Wound Care Technology

Everyone has a cause that is near their heart, and many other worthy non-profits are also in need of philanthropic help. But with so many vying for attention, it can be difficult to know where your support can do the most good.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could reach the greatest amount of people by supporting just one endeavor—one that can help everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or economic status? Now you can. Introducing BandGrip wound closure technology—and the challenges it helps solve.


BandGrip Saves Lives by Saving Time

BandGrip, a safe and minimally invasive approach to wound closure, is ready to change the world by changing the way we close wounds. It uses patented micro-anchors that grip the skin, easily sealing wounds and then allowing the body to heal naturally. It’s applied just like a bandage, saving valuable time in emergency situations involving injury.

BandGrip Turns Everyone Into a First Responder

BandGrip can be applied quickly by physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals. However, it can also be used by anybody on the scene of accident or injury. BandGrip’s vision is that every household, workplace, and car will have BandGrip on hand, turning everyone into a first responder.



BandGrip Saves Live and Money

While BandGrip is poised to make an enormous impact in emergency situations, it also has the potential to save the US healthcare industry $20 billion per year in ER care and surgeries. These dollars can go toward funding other life-saving initiatives.

BandGrip Goes Global

BandGrip is made in the USA, but its life-saving abilities can reach around the world through charity programs like Mercy Ships and many others. 


Ready to Help Change the World?Contact BandGrip today to see how you can help.

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