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Micro-Anchor Skin ClosureSpeed • Simplicity • strength

Healing begins with a secure closure.

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see how bandgrip and telemedicine are helping reduce risk during covid-19 

Both the CDC and WHO are advocating for telemedicine to monitor patients and reduce risks of them spreading the virus by traveling to hospitals. This is only helpful if the products used are able to support telemedicine technology.

Here are some of the advantages doctors and their patients enjoy about using BandGrip, the telemedicine sutureTM:

  • Keeping patients safe from possible exposure to the coronavirus
  • Ease of use and time savings during application and removal
  • Removing their own BandGrip dressings at home
  • Cutting health care costs by holding post-op visit online

the first Minimally Invasive wound closure device featuring patented Micro-Anchor technology


Minimally Invasive

Our patented Micro-Anchor technology holds surgical incisions and laceration edges closed without needles or staples, reducing concerns of negative cosmetic outcomes and the risks associated with needle sticks.


Simple and Intuitive

Designed for convenience, BandGrip can be readily applied by doctors, surgical assistants, and a wide range of health care professionals.


Efficient and Economical

Applied in less than 30 seconds, BandGrip does not require a return visit for removal, making it a timesaving and cost-effective solution for wound closure.


Faster. Easier. Better

“BandGrip is unmatched in its ease-of-use, saves significant time and gives my patients excellent cosmetic results far superior to traditional nylon sutures or staples”~ Kyle S. Galles, M.D. - Orthopedic Surgeon

Revolutionary Bandage Closes the Skin without Needles

Revolutionary Micro-Anchor Fiber Technology

BandGrip Micro-Anchor Skin Closures can improve patient experience both in recovery and at home on their own. The familiar look and feel can bring a sense of normalcy and confidence through the healing process.

Unlike the raised surfaces of staples and zippers, and the “whiskers” associated with sutures, the smooth surface of BandGrip Micro-Anchor Skin Closures doesn’t catch on dressings or clothing. Patients can shower with them on after just 24 hours.

  • 1

    Our patented, minimally invasive BandGrip Micro-Anchor Skin Closures gently and securely grip the skin to close the wound edges during the critical healing period.  By design, common problems associated with conventional closure materials are potentially avoided.

  • 2

    An ideal solution for surgery, BandGrip can be used for faster, more efficient closures that leave patients focused on the quality of the surgeon’s work rather than the size of their scar.

  • 3

    Easy to apply, BandGrip eliminates the risk of needle sticks and in some cases, can be removed by the patient, eliminating the need for costly and inconvenient follow-up appointments.

See How it WorksRequest a Sample